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Pavlidis George

Dr. George Pavlidis is a Professor of Learning Disabilities at the University of Macedonia. He is a life member of the International Academy of Learning Disabilities Research and an Honorary University Fellow at Brunel University, London. He is the founder and director of dyslexia and ophthalmokinesis laboratories at universities in England, Greece and the USA.

He is the inventor of the ophthalmokinesis test (PAVLIDIS TEST) which allows, even from a pre-school age, the diagnosis of dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. He has developed a method for dealing with dyslexia, learning disabilities and attention deficit through the use of a PC and Multimedia. He has conducted 20 major research programs in England, Greece and the U.S. His photoelectric invention has been endorsed by renowned universities such as Harvard, Penn State, Boston, and Columbia, as well as countries such as Denmark, Finland and Greece.

His scientific publications have appeared in international journals and conferences, and he has also published four books in English. He has participated as a speaker in numerous international conferences; he has repeatedly been honored with the presidency of 18 international conferences and is the Chairman of all global dyslexia conferences since 1983.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and completed his doctoral dissertation at the Department of Psychology of the University of Manchester in England, where he began his academic career as a lecturer at the age of 23.

Dyslexia, Attention Deficit (ADHD) & Giftedness: the Primacy of Creative Multiple Diversity

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