MENSA Greece

Gifted & Talented Children and their Needs


MENSA Greece Workshop

Hellenic MENSA grasps the opportunity emerging from the current social situation to focus more substantially than ever on the wider community by undertaking an event that is, by Greek standards, unique; an open event which aims at raising public awareness, supporting parents, but also training teachers on the special needs of gifted children. Parents, children, teachers, scientists and all those interested in gifted children and their special needs will have the opportunity to exchange views, knowledge, opinions and experiences so that every child can grow up the way it needs in order to become the best it can be. Academics, child development experts, child psychologists and gifted people will analyze, each from their own perspective, ways of dealing with a child’s diversity so that the special characteristics of the young are not neglected. The keynote speeches will be followed by parallel workshops during which there will be more interaction between parents, teachers, children and the speakers so that they can expand on special cases and answer specific questions. At the same time, various side events will take place, such as an exhibition of artwork by gifted children, a book fair, and IQ tests. The event is supported by the General Secretariat of Youth, the Mathematical Society and the UNC, Charlotte.

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