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Gifted & Talented Children and their Needs

Gifted & Talented Children:Experience from Greece

It is true that children with high intelligence are a small percentage that does not exceed 2% of the paediatric population. Some are gifted, other are talented, or simply intelligent. A lot of people admire these children and think that their parents are lucky to have them. Other people express their concerns and comment: “lonely, troubled, children? They might become obnoxious to their peers and this will make them unhappy”. There are even some who believe that the provision of special education programs in such cases could lead to the creation of privileged group of people with high intelligence. The issue has many dimensions and is even more complex if we consider that humanity owes a lot of scientific and social achievements to intelligent and gifted people. The science would not have progressed beyond the level of duplication of knowledge if geniuses like Newton, Copernikus, Galileo, Einstein and many others hadn’t dare first to conceive new ideas with their creative thinking. The persons who made us see the world differently were once children and many of them from an early age had already shown signs of their high intelligence and exceptional skills.

Thomaidou Lauretta

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