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Greek Mathematical Society

Hellenic Mathematic Society

Hellenic Mathematic Society The Greek Mathematical Society (GMS) has a 94 year long history. Founded in 1918 in Athens, today it has branches in most of the country’s provinces, more than 15000 members, and 34 regional branches; it has a significant presence in science and culture and is involved in multifaceted activities, while its operation is based on voluntary members.

The objective of the GMS is to promote and disseminate the various branches of mathematics; this objective is achieved through a series of set goals which are generally as follows:

  • the progress of the Science in Mathematics
  • the promotion of the free exchange of information between mathematics, science and society.
  • the substantial and continuous improvement of mathematical education and the advancement of general education.

In order to achieve and complete its objectives the GMS organizes numerous activities such as:

  • Publishing magazines
  • Organizing and running a library.
  • Publishing mathematics books by Greek and foreign writers.
  • Conducting successfully the annual three-day National Conference on Mathematical Education.
  • It organizes three annual Panhellenic Student Competitions: “Thales”, “Euclides”, “Archimedes,” and it selects the team members that form the national team that represents Greece in the Balkans and the International Mathematical Olympiad.
  • It organized the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (45th IMO) and organizes Mathematical Olympiads and Balkan Olympiads for University students.
  • It organizes Mathematics Summer Schools for High School and Lyceum Students, as well as a Mathematics Summer Camp for elementary students, for the improvement of Mathematical Education.
  • It maintains and develops the topics bank for Lyceum mathematics, a collection of dozens of classified exercises that continually grows and is freely available through the Internet.

All the above prove that today the GMS is a thriving and active research society deeply involved in education and research activities, while members’ numbers and the society’s scientific activities show that the GMS has achieved a prominent scientific position both in Greece and worldwide, even in economic or otherwise adverse conditions.

Hellenic Mathematical Society

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