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Gifted & Talented Children and their Needs

Thomaidis Loretta

Dr. Loretta Thomaidis MD PhD is an Assistant Professor in Developmental Pediatrics in the Second Department of Pediatrics, Athens University; Doctor of Medicine with honors of the Athens University School of Medicine with postgraduate studies in Great Britain in the field of pediatric development. She is the Greek representative to the European Academy of Childhood Disability since 1993.

Dr. Thomaidis is in charge of the Unit of Pediatric Development in the Second Pediatric Clinic of the “P & A Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital which is designed to assess, investigate and deal with children with special needs. One aspect of this unit’s work is to diagnose and deal with gifted and talented children, to test their school readiness, to detect deviations from normal at an early age, and to diagnose and treat developmental disorders at an early stage.

Her numerous publications, her participation in Greek and international conferences, and the various distinctions she has been awarded are an example of her intense research activity.

Gifted & Talented Children:Experience from Greece

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