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Green Michael

Dr. Michael Green is an associate professor of Cognitive Development and of Maths Education at the UNC Charlotte University. Dr. Michael Green earned an Ed. D. from Harvard in 1977.  His graduate study was in child development.  His research interests are in constructivist theory and its relationship to elementary mathematics education.  Dr. Green has authored books and research articles on cognitive, social, and language development in children and adolescents.  He is co-author Constructing Number Sense in Elementary and Middle Grades Classrooms, a constructivist approach to teaching mathematics.  Dr. Green was recently a Faculty in Residence at Thomasboro Elementary School, where student math performance soared in response to constructivist inspired instruction.  Together with Dr. Piel, he has delivered numerous national and international articles, as well as participated in scores of teacher workshops about the Comprehensively Applied Manipulative Mathematics Program (CAMMP).

Dr. Green has worked with the design and implementation of an elementary math curriculum at the Socrates Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The constructivist-inspired approach to the Comprehensively Applied Manipulative Mathematics Program (CAMMP) has revolutionized math instruction at the school.  Based on student performance, the Socrates Academy has been recognized every year as a School of Distinction since the first year of testing.

Green Michael
Constructing Number Sense with Gifted Students

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