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General Secretariat for Youth

General Secretariat for Youth

General Secretariat for YouthThe General Secretariat for Youth was set up in 1982 as a governmental institution with the primary task of shaping, monitoring and coordinating the government policy  for youth and its connection with society and social entities. In this way, Greece was harmonised with the european and international practice of high-level, self-sustained and integral government services aiming to public youth policies.

Since the beginning, the aimed at a youth policy with a fresh attitude and context with a view to keep up with young people’s interests and demands. Youth must respond to the challenges of the future. We all have to contribute to this demanding task. The General Secretariat for Youth attempts a new quality leap, as nowadays, a different speech is no longer sufficient. What we need is a combination of systematic efforts, adequacy of programmes and first and foremost, action.

The General Secretariat for Youth develops a set of activities and programmes aiming at the core of youth policies and more specifically, in the following sectors:

  • Participation
  • Information
  • Leisure
  • Entrepreneurship.

The General Secretariat for Youth pays special attention to the cooperation with civil society, especially with youth associations and local authorities that take actions in the field of youth and children, in order to alleviate and resolve existing problems

General Secretariat for Youth

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