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Papazisis Publishers

Papazisis Publishers was founded in Athens in 1929. It is one of the largest and oldest publishing houses in the country. During its 82 years of operation, Papazisis Publishers has released thousands of books, journals and studies, and has introduced important innovations in the publishing field, such as translations of books by famous foreign authors on subjects like economics, administration, finance etc. It has also published specialized financial and banking terms dictionaries, as well as encyclopedias.

Papazisis Publishers is dedicated to the expansion and promotion of scientific publications both by traditional means and through the web, aiming at distributing a large number of electronic books.

They also encourage new learning methods. They have recently released an International Learning Method (International Learning Method – ILS) as an additional tool to foreign language learning.


Europalso (Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners)

The Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners was founded in 1956 and currently lists more than 1,400 members with more than 1,800 Foreign Language Schools. Approximately, 85% of Languages Schools in Attica is registered in the Association thus making it, undoubtedly, the largest organization in Foreign Language Education in Greece.


The role of the Association is determined primarily by the conduction of quality Language examinations: ours, Europalso exams, the Cambridge, ESB and UCLan exams, which we organize, and Michigan and IFA with whom we co-operate. Furthermore, our preparation Centres are attended by over 500,000 students, ranging from preliminary classes up to classes offering recognized certificates of linguistic competence. Moving around those axes, we are able to contribute greatly in Greece maintaining the leading position in language learning world-wide, while covering the great need in the labor market at a local level. Needless to say, that our preparation Centres offer jobs to more than 40,000 teachers and other language school support staff.

In addition to the above, our Association further extends its educational activities by organizing conferences and educational exhibitions, cutting-edge seminars, concerts and theatrical performances (specially designed and aimed at Language School students), educational trips, social events and charitable campaigns, as is the financial assistance to organizations such as: “The National Sports Federation for People with Special Needs” (2006 – 2007), “The Ark of the World” (2010-2011), the voluntary blood donation and the feeding campaign for elementary school students.  Last, our Association is also active in magazine publications, for parents and students, as well as in newspaper and book publications, etc.


Kraft Foods

Ιn February 2010, Kraft Foods joined Cadbury to create a powerful group in the global snack and confectionery industry. The consolidated company is ranked second in the food industry worldwide, producing delicious products for billions of people in over 160 countries.

We are one of the leading companies in the Greek market with popular quality products, such as Lacta and Pavlidis chocolates, Trident, V6 and Dentyne chewing gums, Merenda, Jacobs and Tassimo coffees, Halls candies, Philadelphia, Oreo and Kraft mayonnaise – products that continuously hold or strive to achieve first place in consumers’ preferences.


PSICHOGIOS Publications

PSICHOGIOS Publications is a multifaceted publishing house catering for every taste and age, with more than 2,000 titles of every category. It has been active in the book market for 33 years! In 2011 we donated 200.000 € (0, 10 € per book sold) to various non-profit organizations. At Psichogios Publications, when a book closes, a new communication cycle begins. Enjoy the experience! Send us your review. Let’s always be in touch!


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