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MAD Radio 106.2

Mad, the only Greek music channel was launched on June 6, 1996 and has grown into one of the most recognizable music brands in Greece.

Today, Mad is the largest Music & Media Services organization in Greece; in addition to Mad TV, it operates and manages on a daily basis five TV channels (Mad Greekz / Nova, Mad BG / Bulgaria, Mad World / UBI / Australia, Blue Channel / ANT1 Satellite / USA, GNet / Goody ‘s / Greece), Mad Radio 106,2 radio station, as well as 5 interactive musical radios (Mad Music / Nova), internet sites (, etc.) and Metropolis, the top music and entertainment chain in Greece.

The activities of Mad include the organization of major events and activities, such as the annual Mad Video Music Awards, the MadWalk Fashion Music Project, Mad Secret Concerts, Mad Live in Athens, Mad Fanatics, etc.


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