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Kokolios Christodoulos

Christodoulos Kokolios is a graduate student at the School of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy of the National Technical University in Athens. He speaks three languages fluently and he has extensive knowledge on computers and especially in programs related to creating and recording music. He has a special love for music, particularly for composing music for piano, but has also written several contemporary style songs. He is an excellent piano player and a very good electric guitar player. He hasn’t been involved in music professionally yet, but he has written music, with great success, for a theatrical play and he has composed the music of the events radio spot. Another area he is involved in is mathematics; in fact, some of the exercises he has created have been published in the Mathematical Society’s Euclid Journal. He is currently writing a novel in English which he wants to promote directly abroad, where he intends to continue his studies.

You will have the pleasure to hear some of his compositions on the premises of the event.

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