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Gifted & Talented Children and their Needs


Gadaras Antonis

Antonis Gadaras is a second year student at the General Lyceum of Moudania. His love for learning extends to every field and he has obtained degrees in foreign languages and music. He enjoys Math and Science, and every year, he takes part in math competitions; in 2010 he won a silver medal.

Antonis has always been a lover of poetry; inspired by the poem “Oblivion” by Mavilis, he began writing his own sonnets. In 2010, his first sonnet entitled “Winter Melancholy” received first prize in the National Student Poetry and Literature Contest organized by the Panhellenic Literary Society; in 2011, three of his poems entitled “Euphoria and Fecundity,” “Nightmare” and “Supplication” won him top commendation from the Publishers Association of Northern Greece poetry contest

In 2011, together with his school’s debating team, he ranked first in the Debating program of the Ministry of Education; this year, he ranked third on the 15 Best Speakers nationwide list.

Antonis believes in the values of friendship, selflessness and humanitarianism; he is very social and always willing to help other people; some of his sonnets will be exhibited on the premises of the event.

Katsis Nikos

Nikos Katsis was born in 1998 and lives in Zefyri, an area well known for its particular conditions. He went to the 4th primary school of Zefyri, and now attends the International School of Athens.

When he was in the fourth grade he created a blog as part of the “kseblogare” competition (, which stood out as one of the most remarkable of the competition. For this blog, he won an award from the Municipality of Zefyri, and Kathimerini’s “K” magazine devoted an article to him.

In the fifth grade, together with Dimitris Neofotistos, he participated in the Pan-Hellenic Robotics Competition, where they took first place. The following year he represented Greece in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in South Korea, in the primary school category.

In the sixth grade he was awarded prizes for his success in the Mathematical Olympiad by both the Mathematical Society and the municipality.

His interests are varied; he loves art and plays the violin (he has recently played a concerto for violin and piano at school); his other hobbies include painting and origami and other constructions. He likes puzzles and riddles (he solves Rubik’s cube in a record 45”). He also participates in sports.

Nikos intends to study electrical engineering, followed by post-graduate studies in bio engineer.

Stypidou Nikoletta

Nikoletta (Nicky) Stypidou was born in Athens on February 17 to parents who are both MENSA members; her giftedness has been evident since she was very little – in 2011, following in her parents’ footsteps, she passed the MENSA test. Although an excellent student in all subjects, she prefers math and science and artistic subjects. She speaks English and French, and her dream is to study in the Netherlands; her hobbies include photography, playing the guitar and reading, as well as dancing and making all kinds of things. Some of her photos will be exhibited on the premises of the event.

Chaldaios Panagiotis

Panagiotis Chaldaios is a 16 year old student completing his high school studies at Moraitis private school in Athens where he has an academic scholarship.  He is multilingual with an ability to speak English, German and Chinese in addition to his native Modern Greek. Panagiotis has a love for music and has been studying the violin since he was 4 years old. Today he is the youngest candidate in Greece for the practical Diploma in Violin Studies. He also plays the guitar. He is enrolled in the online Education Program for Gifted Children at Stanford University (U.S.A.) and has completed three courses in mathematics, two of them on scholarship. From the age of 6 he expressed the interest in martial arts, which is when he started training in Tae-Kwon-Do. He has acquired the black belt in both Tae-Kwon-Do and Tang-Soo-Do, along with several other achievements. Panagiotis has received achievement awards from the Mathematics Society of Greece and is currently preparing for the Hellenic Chemistry Society competitions (a full year younger than the other candidates). At Moraitis High School, he has been a member of the Photographic , Football , Basketball ,  Technological and Scientific Applications ,  Entrepreneurship and Chess Groups and he is the the head of the official photography team composed on purpose of all school events. Panagiotis is looking for an academic scholarship to study abroad, with his main career interests being chemistry & biology and/or engineering.

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