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Katsis Nikos

Nikos Katsis was born in 1998 and lives in Zefyri, an area well known for its particular conditions. He went to the 4th primary school of Zefyri, and now attends the International School of Athens.

When he was in the fourth grade he created a blog as part of the “kseblogare” competition (, which stood out as one of the most remarkable of the competition. For this blog, he won an award from the Municipality of Zefyri, and Kathimerini’s “K” magazine devoted an article to him.

In the fifth grade, together with Dimitris Neofotistos, he participated in the Pan-Hellenic Robotics Competition, where they took first place. The following year he represented Greece in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in South Korea, in the primary school category.

In the sixth grade he was awarded prizes for his success in the Mathematical Olympiad by both the Mathematical Society and the municipality.

His interests are varied; he loves art and plays the violin (he has recently played a concerto for violin and piano at school); his other hobbies include painting and origami and other constructions. He likes puzzles and riddles (he solves Rubik’s cube in a record 45”). He also participates in sports.

Nikos intends to study electrical engineering, followed by post-graduate studies in bio engineer.

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