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Gadaras Antonis

Antonis Gadaras is a second year student at the General Lyceum of Moudania. His love for learning extends to every field and he has obtained degrees in foreign languages and music. He enjoys Math and Science, and every year, he takes part in math competitions; in 2010 he won a silver medal.

Antonis has always been a lover of poetry; inspired by the poem “Oblivion” by Mavilis, he began writing his own sonnets. In 2010, his first sonnet entitled “Winter Melancholy” received first prize in the National Student Poetry and Literature Contest organized by the Panhellenic Literary Society; in 2011, three of his poems entitled “Euphoria and Fecundity,” “Nightmare” and “Supplication” won him top commendation from the Publishers Association of Northern Greece poetry contest

In 2011, together with his school’s debating team, he ranked first in the Debating program of the Ministry of Education; this year, he ranked third on the 15 Best Speakers nationwide list.

Antonis believes in the values of friendship, selflessness and humanitarianism; he is very social and always willing to help other people; some of his sonnets will be exhibited on the premises of the event.

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